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With the painting , I seek the passion and color in life

.... And spring appeared ...05-2019_1.20 cm x 0,40 cm

Explosion florale   04-2019     120cmx0,40cm

Mudflats at tide    12-2018        0,50x0,50cm

the passionate enchantment   03-2019    0,60cmx0,60cm

Abstract pouring_02-2019-0,30cmX0,30cm

Un automne aux couleurs chatoyantes_1.00x0,70cm_12-2018

When the darling dances (to Alma Lee)_10-2018_0,80 cm x 0,20 cm

Fluid painting with Pebeo Prisme & Pebeo Fantaisie

Depth of the soul_06-2018_0,60cmx0,50cm


Back of a tray_silicone-pigmenten_02-2019_0,60cm

Birth of a star_01-2019_0,40cmx0,40cm

Table with Silicone painting




Mouth of the flower_kopie O.Ocampo_0,40x0,30cm_08-2018

Pouring op triplex_122cmx0,61cm_02-2016

depth (detail1)_01-2018_0,40cmx0,40cm

Autumn colors_11-2017_50cmx50cm

The Tree of Life_mixed media and precious stones_10-2017_0,90cmx0,90cm



Thawing Permafrost Antartica_08-2017_0,50x0,50cm


Sunset on Ar Mein lighthouse, Raz de Sein (Bretagne)_05-2017_60x50cm

Encounter elements_03-2017_100cmx0,70cm

Travel in the stars_100cmx0,50cm_02-2017

Bird of paradise_03-2017_0,70cmx0,30cm

La musique adoucit les moeurs_Acryl Mixed media, Collages, Gold Leaf_       12-2016_0,70cm0,50cm

Abstraction of the brain_0,50x0,50cm_01-2017

Bouddha_Acryl, mixed media, papyrus leaf, golden lace with knife 0,90cmx0,90cm_02-2017

In the silence of the nigh_Acryl with knife_0,60x0,50cm_02-2017.

Wilde natuur_Acryl Mixed media with knife_12-2016_0,80cmx0,60cm

Dance of the moon_Mixed media wih knife_11-2016_60x60cm

Peace on the universe_Mixed media wih knife_11-2016_0,60cmx0,60cm

Sweet summer_08-2016_1,20x0,40cm

Brittany coast_09-2016_0,60x0,50cm